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Wow! What a fantastic atmosphere. The entire room was alive and abuzz with energy as everyone got DUSTY and created some very inspiring and colourful pieces.

Please visit the DUST LIVE gallery to see more images. HERE


Great movement and use of colour.

The wonderful thing about DUST LIVE was that it was not a class designed to teach you how to draw, but rather how to tap into your currently untapped creativity, through a focus on mark making rather than drawing a “perfect” representation of the figure.

So often we give up thinking of ourselves as creative beings somewhere during childhood. It might be an opinion expressed by an adult, a parent, a teacher, a family friend. Sometime it is something other kids say to us that has us doubt our ability to draw. Or it might be that we begin comparing ourselves with others and judging ourselves based on what we think is EXPECTED of us. Quite often this stops a child from ever drawing again. We begin to try to either GET IT RIGHT or not do it at all.

During DUST LIVE we put aside those expectations and judgements  and  enjoy the process of creating an image with no attachment to getting it  “Right” or even creating a finished PRODUCT.

Art is often a reflection of life and both the  DUST exhibition and the DUST LIVE workshop prompt us to ask:

Where else in your life do you limit yourself based on the opinions of others or by creating comparisons and expectations ?

WARNING  here’s a bit of shameless self promotion:

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A beautiful use of an interesting piece of paper.


The class in action. Deep in concentration.


A unique and individual style is reflected as Jill begins to tap into her own personal signature.


Who doesn’t love a beautiful back. The use of complimentary colours really makes the figure pop off the page.